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End of 2 very successful days of rehearsing the new "Martel" album with these dudes. So fun.
Thinking about the upcoming Queen Extravaganza tour! #queenextravaganza #queen #onevision #catpeople
Every boy's dream. A door disguised as a bookcase. This was the door to my bedroom at The O Street Mansion. Highly recommended if you're staying in DC!
The hallway to my room during my stay at The O Street Masion in DC. It's a hotel that used to be an FBI safe-house. Neat.
QE cake. Dibs on the mic!
I literally love lamp.
You got the music in you.
Strange feeling after 10 days of barefooted bliss.
Spent the day doing some wardrobe styling for my forthcoming solo album. The theme is "authentic." Nailed it.
Fun on the moon.
I make-a da fettuccine.
NYE swaggin'. #cutelittlefrigger
The venue today.
Norwegian cave trolls.
Greshison in Leicester, UK.
This may look like a stage floor... because it is. Not just any old boring stage floor, though - it's the fabled stage that Céline Dion had humidification vents outfitted with for her shows here at Caesar's Palace. Hope to make use of those babies tonight! Merci, Céline!
My other job is photog assistant for @crystalmartel .
Isaac Carpenter bringing the rocks on my solo album.

Show Schedule

11.06.13 | London, UK
Queen Extravaganza
11.04.13 | Glasgow, UK
Queen Extravaganza
11.03.13 | Newcastle, UK
Queen Extravaganza
11.02.13 | Leicester, UK
Queen Extravaganza
11.01.13 | Sheffield, UK
Queen Extravaganza
10.30.13 | Liverpool, UK
Queen Extravaganza
10.29.13 | Boumemouth, UK
Queen Extravaganza
10.28.13 | Oxford, UK
Queen Extravaganza

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End of 2 very successful days of rehearsing the new "Martel" album with these dudes. So fun. @ SIR-TN
5 days ago
Amazing to finally be rehearsing my upcoming album with these guys! Really coming together! Recognize anyone?
5 days ago
Aug 24th
Starting to get that @QueenExtrava fever. Who's with me? I'm looking at you, Brits! #queen
Aug 24th
RT @jasongraymusic : Thank you @marcmartel for the opportunity to have a refreshing bath on this warm day. Gus was all too…
Aug 18th


Big News!

Got some serious news! Seriously. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on my first full-length album, "Impersonator." The official release is set for September 30th. All the music is done, and we're now just getting the artwork finalized. I've had a great time over the past year or so, writing and recording these songs with some super talented people, and I can't wait for you to hear them. Also, if you're coming to a show on the Queen Extravaganza UK Tour this September, you'll be able to pick up an advance copy at the venue!

If you're familiar with "The Prelude EP," released a while ago, "Impersonator" is stylistically much more on the "rock" side of things - much more what you might expect from me. Plans to tour the album with a band this coming Fall are in the works, and I will definitely keep you posted as that solidifies.

One more thing -- be on the lookout mid-August for a new little video I made. I think you'll get a kick out of it. Hope you're enjoying your Summer!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I'm excited to share new music with you this year. Stay tuned for more info!



Here's a live acoustic version of "Believe" from The Prelude EP.


8th Wonder Live

Check out Marc with the Queen Extravaganza band performing "8th Wonder" from his current EP.